Great Minds of the Interesting Times: Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment Workshop

Great Minds of the Interesting Times: Philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment Workshop

24-26 May 2018, Toruń, Poland

The principal aim of the conference is to discuss the variety of ideas and philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment. This period of Scottish history can be characterised by an outpouring of both scientific and philosophical development and achievements. An ongoing exchange of thought created an unique intellectual atmosphere which inspired great philosophers, such as Francis Hutcheson, David Hume and Adam Ferguson, to publish their original and outstanding ideas. An important role is to be assigned to the cultural background that influenced shaping of the intellectual atmosphere of the period, including unique net of parish schools and existence of discussion clubs as well as great universities. Paper proposals covering the thought of both widely-discussed and rarely analysed philosophers are welcome. We hope to cover wide variety of aspects of the philosophy of the Scottish Enlightenment: epistemology, moral philosophy, social philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, jurisprudence.


Thursday, 24 May

Faculty of Humanities, room I, Collegium Minus, Fosa Staromiejska 1a

15.00 Anna Markwart, Marcin Zdrenka, Adam Grzeliński, Krzysztof Wawrzonkowski

A discussion on the book „Bogactwo uczuć moralnych. Jednostka i społeczeństwo we wzajemnych oddziaływaniach w perspektywie filozofii Adama Smitha” [„The Wealth of Moral Sentimets. The Mutual Dependencies of the Individual and the Society in the Context of Adam Smith’s Philosophy”] by Anna Markwart, published in the series Monografie Fundacji na rzecz Nauki Polskiej [in Polish].

Organizers: Nicolaus Copernicus University Publishing House, Foundation for Polish Science, Institute of Philosophy, NCU.

Friday, 25 May

University Hotel Conference Room


9.45Opening of the workshop

10.00: Craig  Smith, Adam Smith on Philosophy and Religion

11.00:Anna Markwart, Between Economy and Instruction: Adam Smith on Education and its Institutions

12.00: Coffee break

12.30: Paweł Hanczewski, The Union of 1707 and the Scottish Enlightenment

13.30: Marta Śliwa, Philosophical Societies in the Enlightenment Scotland


16.00: Przemysław Gut, Scottish Enlightenment and the Enlightenment According to Jonathan Israel

17.00: Agnieszka Sztajer, MacIntyre’s Critque of the Enlightenment


Saturday, 26 May

Faculty of Humanities Library Reading Room

9.30:  Christopher Lindsay, Instinct and Explanation in Thomas Reid’s Theory of Action

10.30: Dariusz Kucharski, Causality, Perception and Scientific  Explanation within Philosophy of Thomas Reid

11.30Coffee break

12.00: Xandra Bello, Other Living Planets. The Plurality of Worlds Debate and the Nature of the Scottish Enlightenment in Adam Ferguson’s Thought.

13.00: Adam Grzeliński, David Hume, His Experimental Method, and the Problem of Personal Identity


16.00Sightseeing tour

Organisational details

The working language of the conference is English. Each speaker will be given 45 minutes to be divided between the paper and its discussion. Please send us an information if you are willing to participate in the Conference and an abstract of approximately 300 words together with some short biographical information about the speaker to one of the as all the abstracts will be distributed among all the participants. Proposals of discussion sessions on general aspects of Scottish Enlightenment are also welcome. We also plan to publish conference articles in 2018.


Institute of Philosophy, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń, Poland

The W. Bednarowski Trust, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Polish Philosophical Society/Toruń

Venue: University Hotel, ul. Szosa Chełmińska 83 a, Toruń
Faculty of Humanities, ul. Fosa Staromiejska 1a, Toruń