Conference: Berkeley’s Philosophy after the Principles and the Three Dialogues

Conference: Berkeley’s Philosophy after the Principles and the Three Dialogues

Berkeley’s Philosophy after the Principles and the Three Dialogues

Institute of Philosophy, NCU, Toruń, Poland, 23–26 October 2017

Venue: The Petit Fleur Hotel (conference room)

Piekary 25, Toruń

Monday, October 23

09:00     Registration

09:30     Opening of the Conference. Chair: Bertil Belfrage

Development in Berkeley

Chair: Stephen Daniel

09:45     Bertil Belfrage (Lund University), “The Unknown Berkeley: Consequences of a Biased Edition”

10:30     Dariusz Kucharski (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University), “Spirit of Nature and Metaphysics of Light. Some sources for Siris

11:15     Coffee break

11:30     Adam Grzeliński (Nicolaus Copernicus University), “The irrelevance of the immaterialist thesis in Berkeley’s Siris

12:15     Lunch


Chair: Dariusz Kucharski

14:00     Richard Brook (Bloomsburg University), “Berkeley, Newton, Explanation and Causality”

14:45     Coffee break

15:15     Ville Paukkonen (Boğaziçi University), “Berkeley’s theory of agent causation: finite and infinite agents and the question of necessary connections”

17:00     Wine reception (Institute of Philosophy Reading Room)  

Tuesday, October 24

The Unity of Berkeley’s Philosophy

Chair: Silvia Parigi

10:00     David Bartha (Central European University), “Laws of nature and the divine will in the Siris

10:45     Peter West (Trinity College Dublin), “Anti-Abstractionism and Berkeley’s Theory of Meaning in Alciphron 7”

11:30     Coffee break

11:45     Takaharu Oda (Tartu University), “Berkeley’s Metaphysics of Causality in De Motu

12:30     Lunch

15:00     Sightseeing tour

Wednesday, October 25

Berkeley in Context

Chair: Tom Stoneham

09:00     Stephen Daniel (Texas A&M University), “Berkeley on Descartes and Locke after 1720”

09:45     Kenneth L. Pearce (Trinity College Dublin), “The Monster of Malmesbury and the Bishop of Cloyne: Hobbist Origins of Berkeley’s Theory of Meaning and Inference”

10:30     Coffee break

10:45     Silvia Parigi (Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici), “Berkeley’s Christian Enlightenment”

11:30     Lunch

Social and Political Philosophy

Chair: Richard Brook

14:00     Miłowit Kuniński (Jagiellonian University), “George Berkeley’s The Querist as an early modern project of a capitalist modernization”

14.45     Pawel Hanczewski (Nicolaus Copernicus University), “George Berkeley: Forging the Irish Nation”

15:30     Coffee break

15:45     Tom Stoneham (University of York), “Deliverance from Error: Berkeley on education and moral improvement”

17.00     Wine reception (Institute of Philosophy Reading Room)

Thursday, October 26

Berkeley’s Neglected Works in Focus

Chair: Kenneth Pearce

9:00       Artem Besedin (Moscow State University), “Berkeley on Free Will and Accountability in Alciphron VII”

9:45       John Blechl (University of York), “The ‘Minor Publications Hypothesis’”

10.30     Coffee break

10:45     Manuel Fasko (University of Zurich), “Berkeley’s Cajetan or Alciphron IV § 21 revisited”

11:30     Lunch

18:00     Farewell dinner